Birthday wishes

Birthday is a special time in our life. Everybody loves receiving original birthday wishes. However, the authors of the wishes often have problems with creating one of its kind content. This website will help you finding the most suitable birthday wishes for the given occasion and person.

The website consists of five subpages where are placed birthday wishes in different categories. Some of them are: funny birthday wishes, belated birthday wishes, birthday wishes for a friend and more.

For your birthday, I am sending you special
Wishes for you:
Do not look behind,
Go confidently through life,
crush secretly
Control your desires,
Earn money,
disregard losers,
Avoid crooks,
Follow rules
All the best for you!

Those are sincere,
simple wishes for you on the day of your birth:
Many smiles, a little sorrow, long years of happiness,
good health and prosperity,
little sorrow,
a lot of fun,
a lot of adventures and
the sea of excitement!

Second by second,
minute by minute,
hour by hour
change your life a bit.
Add something new,
subtract a little bit bad emotions,
share pleasant,
multiply by needs.
The result is a simple equation:
take from your life as much as you can

At the beginning of your birthday,
I am sending you something nice,
a ray of the Sun to make your day happy,
the drops of dew on the grass,
and nightingale over your head
I also wish you a lot of smile, kisses.

The charming and beautiful day is your birthday,
On the special day, I wish you all the best
I wish you a lot of smile, zero sadness and a lot of loyal friends.
I wish you fantastic birthday party with your family and friends!
All the best for you!

On your special day – your birthday,
I wish you warm smiles and a lot of luck,
do not let be bothered of any worries and concerns
let your dreams come true very soon!
All the best for you, wishes….

On you birthday, I want to tell you:
Everything that was your dream, what are you dreaming about now and in future, let not fly away with a quiet sigh,
but let your all dreams come true in the blink of your eye …

Birthday is a special day of joyful,
full of spring flowers.
Today I want to wish you a happy,
luck, health as well as success.
Let you the sun shines brightly,
and the days of joy pass.
Let sorrows and concern go away.
These wishes are sincere from the deep of my heart.

Teddy bear is going, elephant is going, a doll and a horse are going too
all with balloons and gifts with best wishes,
because it is a very joyful day,
it is your birthday!
All the best for you, wishes….

birthday wishesDear….
On your special day, your birthday:
Let the sun is now shining on a bright blue sky
and the birds are singing today just for you.
I am sending you sincere wishes
let all your deepest dreams come true!
All the best for you, wishes….


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